3. Januar 2018

Vor knapp einem Jahr fungierte die junge Pow­ermetal-Band noch als Opener für Hammer­fall, nun spielen sie u. a. in Hamburg ihre eigene Headliner-Show, die schon seit Monat­en ausverkauft ist. Die Jungs um den Schweiz­er Frontmann Thomas Winkler (32) ver­sprechen eine energiegeladene Show – die berühmten Geschichten von „Angus Mc­Fife“, „The Unicorn Invansion Of Dundee“ oder „The Hollywood Hoots­man“ dürfen nicht fehlen!

 „Hootsmen of the Galaxy! The time has come for Gloryhammer to embark on an EPIC headlining tour of the European continent! In January 2018 we will be questing across the barren frozen wastelands of Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Italy, France, Spain, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium and England to bring you a show like none other! Yes, mighty warriors…we will be performing the ENTIRE album „Space 1992: Rise of the Chaos Wizards“, from start to finish, in sequence. Including songs we have NEVER played before! And to top it off, we’ll also play all your favorites from our debut album as well! Truly a show fit for a hootsman! Joining us in this epic battle, is the masters of warfare themselves, Civil War (the band) from Sweden. Expect many anthems about the conquest of the Goblin Realms of Auchtermuchty!
Gloryhammer + Civil War + Support